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It is my desire to invite you to learn with me through the lessons presented here. It is not my intent to lead you into a new religion, but rather to walk through the scriptures with you, and as we walk to discuss the meaning and application of each. I have been told that with the invitation I need to provide a personal introduction as well.

SO, My name is Mary. I am 87 years old as of 2019, a widow with a very small family. The call to teach the plain truth of scripture was laid on me back in my mid 40's and I began this ministry somewhere in the 1990's. Prior to that time I was a worker in the 7th Day Adventist Church. Shows that if we are willing Yahweh will bring about His desires in our lives. I worked out of the home, and took on rearing grandchildren, end of life care for friends and family, in home business, etc. all before giving Yahweh the time He desired. It is also true that during that time I spent 20+ years of Sunday mornings teaching at the local county jail and held meetings here many of those later years.

I came into this world a sweet child but bad choices made a bad rebel out of that child for many years. In 1976 I bowed the knee and most of my neck to Yahweh and Yahshua in the 7th day Adventist Church and studied and taught their doctrine until I began to see possible error in how unfulfilled prophecy would play out. If you teach or in my case, study and share any other voice you are branded a heretic and cast out.

The first Sabbath after my expulsion I set up my living room for church – Yahweh sent two families and my friend Dee who stood with me even though the church did not remove her name. I had not made my intention known nor had I invited any to attend. We have been teaching the plain truth as Yahweh reveals it ever since and praise Him He has allowed me to miss less than a dozen teaching Sabbaths in all those years.

During Tabernacles 2017 I received a spiritual cleansing and was freed from the restraints of a still grieving heart – a heart that was still claiming its right to moan and groan and weep over what could not be changed. And worse yet a heart that had asked for and had received forgiveness for all past sins, and responsibility for the currant failures in my families lives [since they have had free choice in their adult lives], claiming the covering of Yahshua's shed blood. I was shown years ago part of the answer, but had not fully accepted it in my heart. My mind accepted it, but not my heart and isn't that always the crucial point? Our hearts response! I will not leave you guessing what the answer was: it was looking at those troubling things as a believer and from Yahweh's perspective, what a difference. Try it! Part of this wonderful gift was that the revelation came after a brother in the faith prayed for Yahweh to open my eyes and understanding! He then instructed me to go to my place and get on my knees before Yahweh until I had the truth. I obeyed and received the answer before the dawn came! He is faithful, always!

Since then I have asked Yahweh to soften my heart. As so often happens when we set out in our own power I had trained my heart to be hard and unyielding. He has been doing this for me, sometimes faster than I feel able, but He does strengthen me in that as in all He asks of me!

Just before tabernacles my computer got a worm from my internet carrier and it killed it dead, but slowly. While trying to 'fix' the problem I emptied my storage unit and lost everything from all those years. So anything in this site has been written since then.

So content is small to begin but each week there will be a new lesson and maybe an addition to the book-in-process else where on this site.

My life has been filled with miracles and as you read and apply the lessons within may you come to realize what a miracle your life is and can be! It is our prayer you will join us and be blessed as we work to hold up the weak hands and strengthen the shaky legs of each other and share the victory as we near home!

Your sister in Messiah Yahshua our Sacrifice and Savior; and Yahweh our Creator, Supply, Protection, and Father,


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INTRO to Book Pithy Sayings,,,

Pithy Sayings and Other Thoughts


I have been asked to write my life story – many times. It is not something I want to do, but!!! when two people ask close together and you begin to pray about it, and a book cover with a title appears in your mind it seems you should get to work.


So the title is: Pithy Sayings and Other Stuff


Not exactly my life story - but rather what I have learned presented as I learned it – in bits and pieces. May you learn from example rather than experience in the less than noble and may you learn from example and experience the good and the righteous!


My name is Mary. I am 87 years old physically and 43 years old spiritually, and this is what I have to share:


Pithy = adj. 1. of or resembling pith

2.precise and/or meaningful

Pith = 1. Bot. The soft, sponge like substance in the middle of the stem or branch of a plant.

2. The essential or central part.

3.Force or strength

Thus the reason for the name. It is my desire that you be fed, entertained, instructed, what ever you need by my experiences. Pith is the heart and soul of a plant. You now are reading about my heart and soul. Treat me gently!


Your Sister,





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