Dear fellow students,

I have been fighting sever dehydration for some time and it finally sat me down so I could not work.

The problem when extreme as mine was needs medical intervention. My doctor sent me to the hospital and they sent me home - several times without rehydration having been offered, and also refused when asked for.

So I gave up on the medical community and sought natural means. At last I remembered crossing the desert and how cracked and dry the earth was. When it rained hard the water just washed away and only spots where there was a hole for the water to set were given any relief. My skin looded like that earth so I desided to try an experiment.

The medical community told me to drink more water, so I did until I was drinking over 1 gallon a day and still no relief.

So I decided to follow the old adage of divide your weight by 2 (122 pounds/2 = 61 ounces]. I have been drinking the 61 to 64 ounces a day and oh so slowly I am becoming hydrated. It has taken me since May to reach a stage where normal fuctions are returning. This note is my first attempt to use the computer since June or July and I have forgotten many things that were easy for me then, but now must be relearned and at 89 years that is no easy tast. 

As I am enabled by our Father I will be posting the new material, no promise regarding what has been covered since it was not recorded nor were notes taken.

We are starting a new series on the New or Renewed Covenant and it seems it will be full of surprises and some of the emotions I am told are missing from our prior studies. I pray you will join us on the line as these will also be taped and put on the web page as soon as I learn how to do it. I will be mailing this last one out sometime this week. Thanks for your surport and love.

May Yahweh's peace be with you!

Mary Hayes


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