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Sports and Sporting

December 21, 2019

[I do not return to old lessons to revise them or just use them again, the reasons are many so if you have been here for awhile you may have heard this teaching at least once before. If it stepped on your toes then I pray you heeded the warning and it will no longer speak to your behavior.]

(Isa 30:1 KJV)  Woe to the rebellious children, saith Yahweh, that take counsel, but not of Me; and that cover with a covering, but not of My spirit, that they may add sin to sin:


[There are those who accuse me of being a nit picker, and I probably am, but I believe Yahweh pays especial attention to the 'little choices' we make daily. These are the choices that show how deeply embedded the teachings of Torah are in our hearts.

We live in an age where sin is celebrated as 'freedom of choice' and righteousness is made sport of as old fashioned and no longer relevant. I am sorry to tell you but there have always been those who insist on their right to do as they please, even if it hurts others. This is often accomplished as humor or teasing. In scripture it is referred to as 'every man did what was right in his own sight.']

(Pro 13:13 BBE)  He who makes sport of the word will come to destruction, but the respecter of the law will be rewarded.


[When I looked for the word sport, tease, joke, etc., sport was the only one to appear. It is used to speak of a sexual encounter and also as something done to amuse. It is the later we are discussing today. Do you hear people making disparaging remarks about the scriptures? Those are the ones spoken of here.]

(Pro 17:5 BBE)  Whoever makes sport of the poor puts shame on his Maker; and he who is glad because of trouble will not go free from punishment.


[I remember an old TV program called “Night Court” that did exactly this, held up to ridicule what the poor do to survive. Yahweh created all mankind and everything it takes to keep us going. The poor 'make do' with what is available to them, and it is not an evil in and of itself. The evil is the crude, rude remarks of those that have never had to 'just exist' on what ever cast offs they can find. ]


(Pro 19:28 BBE)  A good-for-nothing witness makes sport of the judge's decision: and the mouth of evil-doers sends out evil like a stream.


[Another word that would apply is mockery, for a lying witness makes a mockery of any justice being supplied by the court.]


(Pro 26:18-19 BBE)  As one who is off his head sends about flaming sticks and arrows of death, 26:19 So is the man who gets the better of his neighbor by deceit, and says, Am I not doing so in sport?


[Adults should know better but this behavior starts with teasing as a child, teasing that is neither corrected nor punished, but excused as fun. It is never fun for the victims. People learn to get what they want in this manner and it colors everything they do. They either do not know, or do not care what harm they cause their victims as long as no one calls them out on their actions. If that happens they claim no foul, no harm intended, and may even accuse the victim of being a spoil sport.]


(Deu 27:18 KJV) Cursed be he that maketh the blind to wander out of the way. And all the people shall say, Amen.


[I was looking for this verse in Proverbs and here it is in Torah! There are many types of blindness and I believe this applies to them all. There are those who cannot see evil-doers for who they are because they have not been introduced yet, they are innocent or naive, ignorant [without knowledge]. This is true both in the physical as well as the spiritual.]


(Gal 6:7-8 BBE) Be not tricked; Almighty is not made sport of: for whatever seed a man puts in, that will he get back as grain. 6:8 Because he who puts in the seed of the flesh will of the flesh get the reward of death; but he who puts in the seed of the Spirit will of the Spirit get the reward of eternal life.


[Many will not hear about the requirements of Yahweh for a pure life style in those whom He calls His children. There are times we may feel this life is unfair, we may even think Yahweh is unfair, expecting too much from us as mere humans. It is true we are human, but it is also true we were created in His image, so no it is not unfair for Him to expect us to live up to our potential as His child.]


(Eph 5:3-4 BBE) But evil acts of the flesh and all unclean things, or desire for others' property, let it not even be named among you, as is right for saints; 5:4 And let there be no low behaviour, or foolish talk, or words said in sport, which are not right, but in place of them the giving of praise.


[Instead of looking like the world let us be easily identified as a child of Yahweh as we give Him praise for all He has done, is doing, and will continue to do for those that show Him loving obedience.]


(Mat 27:27-31 BBE) Then the ruler's armed men took Yahshua into the open square, and got all their band together. 27:28 And they took off His clothing, and put on Him a red robe. 27:29 And they made a crown of thorns and put it on His head, and put a rod in His right hand, and they went down on their knees before Him, and made sport of Him, saying, Long life to the King of the Jews. 27:30 And they put shame on Him, and gave Him blows on the head with the rod. 27:31 And when they had made sport of Him, they took the robe off Him, and put His clothing on Him, and took Him away to put Him on the cross.


[We all know the story of how the very crowds that came to be fed and healed came to watch and mock Yahshua. You do not think you would have been there? If you did not go what would your neighbors say about you? Would you be accused of supporting a foreign king? Is the crowd used to you only making a weak rebuke when they are disrespectful? Or will they expect you to stand and be counted on the side of right?]


(Judges 1:17-19 KJV) But, beloved, remember ye the words which were spoken before of the apostles of our Master Yahshua the Messiah; 1:18 How that they told you there should be mockers in the last time, who should walk after their own unrighteous lusts. 1:19 These be they who separate themselves, sensual, having not the Spirit.


(Eph 5:15-21 BBE)  Take care then how you are living, not as unwise, but as wise; 5:16 Making good use of the time, because the days are evil. 5:17 For this reason, then, do not be foolish, but be conscious of the Master's pleasure. 5:18 And do not take overmuch wine by which one may be overcome, but be full of the Spirit; 5:19 Joining with one another in holy songs of praise and of the Spirit, using your voice in songs and making melody in your heart to the Lord; 5:20 Giving praise at all times for all things in the name of our Master Yahshua the Messiah, to Yahweh, even the Father; 5:21 Letting yourselves be ruled by one another in the fear of Messiah.


[Another warning about our mouths! The first three pages warn us of the pit falls, the last three verses tell us how to avoid the first three pages. If our mouths are full of praise they won't cause problems for anyone. Let us be quick to praise any who deserve it, and slow to criticize those who are still working on getting it right.


There has been discussion of harsh criticism among the brethren and it does exist. The thing is we get emotional and the voice changes and the tone is heard over and above the words. Then the one being 'instructed' feels hurt and in turn voices their 'instructions', which are also seen as criticism.

How do we avoid this and still be free to let others know when they have hurt us? Often times it is the perceived attitude of the 'instructor' that is offensive rather than the words. So how do we avoid being perceived as harsh and still let others know their speech or actions offended us?


First lets pray before we speak and ask Yahweh to give us a heart to be corrected if we have been wrong in our perception.

When you are sure you are not being harsh yourselves then speak privately to the other person and try to come apart better acquainted so there are less likely to be future misunderstandings between you.

What you do not do is go from this meeting to another and 'inform' another of the 'correction', that becomes gossip.


It is natural for us to pour out our hurt feelings to another, but let us be sure it is our best friend, Yahweh, we are talking to. Yes, we do sometimes need another human to listen, but be sure they are someone who realizes they are not to engage their mouth about the matter.


The world has always laughed at the misfortune of others and called it humor or sport. We are called to see reasons for laughter in the daily happenings of life, and the laughter is to be gentle on the ears of all who hear, not loud and punishing. Of course there are those happenings that call for a rip roaring belly laugh and those are never at the expense of another. There are also the times we are called to laugh at our selves. When we learn to not take all that happens as serious/upsetting it will be easier to see the true humor Yahweh enjoys with us. Animals are always good for a smile as are young children. Look for reasons to smile and you will soon be smiling and no ones feelings had to get hurt to bring on that smile.


(Pro 17:22 KJV)  A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones.


[Let our smiling faces be a testimony to the world of the joy of Yahweh in our hearts.]

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