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The correcting of Yahweh is like slap boxing, the purpose is to teach control, reach, limits of your physical self, and coordination. It never was and never will be to inflict pain or to show you who is in control.


Just because a thing or action is what the people are used to does not make it right!


Are you riding an ebb tide that pulls you away from Yahweh and His teachings and flings you into the vastness of an ocean without a ship! Or are you riding a neap tide that will wash you up on His firm shore where you will be able to stand and not sink into the world, even if that world calls itself religion.


When I first read the scripture that says the death of Yahweh's saints are a sweet savor to Him I was not able to understand how this could be. After all when we are dead we can no longer praise Him. Now I have some understanding. When a believer dies their fate is sealed. Makes no difference whether you believe in instant heaven or a sleep until the second coming. The first thing after the last breath that any of Yahweh's own takes will be to see our Savior coming to redeem us. So that is one for us.

But what is sweet for the Father? The end of all pain and unhappiness for His child!

Selah! Just think about that!


Wild sheep only need pasture and water, not tender care! Only the tame sheep need a keeper. By submitting to the shepherd the sheep are agreeing to go where he wants and eat what is provided. In return the shepherd will attempt to supply their needs even when provender and water are lacking. But be assured that every spring a sheep will be born who refuses to be shepherded, at least in the approved way, and the shepherd must take extreme measures with this unruly upstart.

Scripture says we are the sheep in His pasture so if we are indeed His why are we the unruly one who is always looking for a way to “have my own way”?

Yahweh never makes a mistake and if you have been called to serve, and we all have been, are you willing to do it His way so the work can proceed as it began – at a fast pace? Or do you withhold full obedience, part of your heart which really belongs to Yahweh if you are converted? Even converted hearts can grow tired of the fight and they are allowed to partially withdraw for a time of rest and refreshing. But once you have accepted the mantel, what ever it is, Yahweh does not leave you in peace past the necessary period, and His timing is always right.!


Revenge is only for those still chained. We chain ourselves to those we do not forgive.” From “Finding Noel” by R. P.


The way to a man's heart may be through his stomach, but the way to a woman's heart is to eat what she cooks – with relish – and compliments -especially to others about her cooking.


The problem with sin is that if you have a conscience, you pay whether your caught or not! From “The Forgotten Road” by R. P. Evans

True understanding often opens the way for true forgiveness. If I truly understand, what you may not know yourself, why you hurt me I may be able to understand what drove you to do what you did or did not do. And understanding be able to tame my hurt so I can feel yours and thus reach forgiveness. If not then I will pray, “Father judge between thee and me, for I cannot see the way. But I am willing.”

Gratitude and joy are the two sides of the same coin. When we are grateful for all we have and are, we will have joy. We think blessings bring joy, but joy is what you feel when you acknowledge your blessings as being blessings!

Never ask a gift giver: Are you sure you can afford to do this? Are you sure someone else will not be upset if you give this to me? These questions imply the giver is offering something they should not, or something they need for themselves. No matter if it is true it is an insult.

One aspect of cherishing is helping our loved one to become what they want to be – not what we think they should be.

Addictions are a symptom of self-hate. If we love ourselves we will not do that which we know is harmful for us. So learn to love yourself and the place to start is with your heart. Forgiveness of others is required, but first we have to forgive ourselves for the past, by repentance followed by restitution if possible. Remembering that true repentance is also followed by seeking help where we are weakened by past indulgences in harmful behavior, be that physical or emotional or spiritual, all must be taken care of.

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