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Envy & Spite


How many times over the years have I sat and listened and thought in my heart, “I could have done it better.” But at that time it was not to be for I was not ready. Not yet fully surrendered, willing to give up my right to recount the wrongs done me!


Self justification is a bond that strangles the Set-apart Spirit in us. Healing only comes with full surrender.


Envy is wicked for it seeks to take from another what does not belong to any but the one Yahweh has given it to. It will destroy all trace of Yahweh from the heart of those who will not surrender and becomes the sin of murder, at least in the heart.


Spite is simply put – the intent to do evil. No place will be found at Yahweh's table if repentance is not found.


So my sister, my brother answer the call to fall on your face before the life giver – Yahweh of Hosts is His name, and there is no other that can save. Yahshua, our elder brother, is available to heal, guide, instruct, and to comfort us in this life. His blood, shed for all who will accept the gift, is the ONLY ERASER OF SIN and the sorrow it brings. Forgiveness is available to all who really repent. Repent = turning from sin and accepting Yahweh's rules for our lives. Even then His blood will not remove all the consequences. The presence of consequences does not mean you have not been forgiven, your acceptance of Torah and walking it out is the proof of your salvation!



Father, Father, Elder Brother you command me to forgive as I am forgiven.


How can I forgive those who admit not guilt and show not any mercy?


You did not create me to be driven with a goad and whip of derision, so how can they be forgiven?


I am Your child and I know you share my pain, but where is the love that should have been given to this child of yours in this world?


My sin of rejection, my rejection of your teachings when You called and I turned away the one who truly loved me.


My sin, my sin you have forgiven, but I came in abject repentance. What of they who refused you and me together?


My son, My daughter what have they to do with you and Me? I would heal you if you would be willing. Come out of the torment, do not be driven. Turn aside into my bosom and receive rest to your soul and the peace I wish to give to My beloved no matter how beaten.


There is a work to do, and it begins with you! Let not that be stolen what I have freely given. You are Mine! Born to be My delight and I, I your perfect example!


I give, I give you the power to forgive without justification, for sin is sin still and must sometimes be riven from you. Each has a choice to be made daily! Will you love Me and live or let your past steal you from Me?


To forgive the unforgivable is My request, but how do you do it? Give it to Me and leave it behind for only I can completely forgive, but you must be willing.


Now I have my answer! I lay it at Your feet who only knows True Forgiveness, for it entails a willingness to enter in to forgetfulness and as yet I cannot without Your forgiveness. As You are my provision in all things I will return to others what I have been given!


No longer to cry; Why, Why, but only, I have only, to trust you to deliver from all torment those who yield to your command to be willing and sometime, maybe in years to come, to never pick up the past that drives to despair but to be able to remember. I am responsible only for my response and will no longer be driven with and by that which as a human I cannot understand or control.


I pledge to stand on your promises testified in the changes to and in my heart and life as I have yielded to Your spirit. That's Your place in us that makes all repentant sinners free and worthy. I will not stand in my past and I will stand in the act of accepting Your love that makes me worthy!

And with this, Your love in my heart, I promise to be forgiving and to accept Your forgiveness of me!


You are worthy because you have been chosen.

You have been chosen because you are willing.


Obedience and Loyalty


We read and talk about obedience and every scripture study – including Psalms – brings forth the same concept of obedience. That concept is of loyalty to Yahweh and His Torah. Torah = teaching and instructions of Yahweh.


In every human relationship loyalty is the keystone of a successful and peaceful outcome. If human children betray their human parents whom they can see, how much harder to be loyal to a parent you cannot see? So what is loyalty? Imagine my surprise when I could not find the word in scripture. But there are many instances of obedience.


Obedience H#8085 prime root, to hear intelligently [often with the implication of attention, obedience] attentively, certainly, consent, give ear, perceive, understand


G5218 attentive harkening, complacence or submission from G5219 to hear as a suborder from G5259 under and G191 prime, to hear [in various senses], understand


Imagine my surprise when I could not find the word in the King James Version in the Old Testament, but there are 42 verses that tell us to obey. Other versions use it scarcely.


To me each of the above usages give the sense that when you hear you will comply [G5218], but is obedience the same as loyalty? Betrayal is the opposite of loyalty so we do find that in scripture. It is used only once in the OT in 1 Ch 12.14-18. Was not David asking for loyalty?


So what is loyalty? New Century Dictionary 1427

The state or quality of being loyal, ie faithfulness to engagements or obligation, faithful adherence to a sovereign or government, or to a leader or cause.


So what are you loyal or obedient to? His word or man's invention, passed on as His word?

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