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Gr Bk Pg 10

True righteousness is a heart affair. Righteous acts without heart involvement is duty don3, done with love are a gift to the receiver and our Savior.


We all have bumps in the road. Have we become so used to those that reappear time and again we use them as a measure of where we are? What if they disappeared? How would you know where you are at? Better to look to repairing them yourself so you know what to watch for in the future.


I am sadly lacking when it comes to vision, especially depth. So when working around the house it is noisy, but when I am upset it is more like clamor. After all these years I have finally realized why. Cleaning house takes a lot of energy so when I feel a surge I just put it to a good use – right ladies? It is not a temper tantrum! I am just cleaning with gusto.


Did you ever think about the difference between dumb and stupid?

Dumb = lacking knowledge

Stupid = knew better but done it anyway


Something happened today to remind me of the spot a man places a woman in when they touch what does not belong to the public – her body

The overlong hug, the press of the leg, hands brushing against where they should not. All the little touches that say they are attracted. BUT LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING. The truth is if not swiftly put to an end it gives the man the idea the touches are welcome. Or if not welcome it says one of two things,

they have found someone who does not know how to protect themselves and therefore will be an easy victim.

They have found someone with low self esteem and who therefore will accept the unwelcome on the chance they will find love and esteem.

Women often pretend they did not notice the touch or apologize for it as if it was their fault. Better to call a spade a spade and reject the advance immediately. There may be an embarrassing moment for one or both but there will be no doubt in any ones mind where you stand.


Are you familiar with the term, ‘bait and switch’? Simply put you enter an agreement for a product or service at a specified price. In the end you do not receive what was agreed on and you are billed for a larger amount. Many times this also happens in relationships. You trust the others persons words to be what there plain meaning is and they later say – not that they did not say it but that you misunderstood what they meant. That never happens with Yahweh’s words. If you accept the plain meanings of scripture Yahweh will deliver exactly what He promises.

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