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Questions and Answers


Question: Can we, followers of Yahweh, pray someone into the fold?


Answer: Example speaks louder than desire! Are you a right living, breathing example of His teachings in love, obedience, and humility? Yes please pray and ask strengthening in yourselves, then in those you pray for. In the end it is the person’s choice. No one will be forced or coerced into the kingdom.

Question: If we are all created equal why are there differences between us?

Answer? Show me where that is in scriptures. Yahweh created us to be different. Equality can not be plainly seen in scriptures. Men have added what Yahweh never promised. We do have equality of availability to Him, in prayer, when we enter in at the doorway of Yahshua.

Question: Why do you continually speak of stubbornness as rebellion and rebellion as the sin of witchcraft?

Answer: Rebellion is a refusal to obey the ruler! Even those without belief have their moments of understanding that they are not the ruler, but only a servant.

Stubborn – adj. 1 unreasonably determined to exert their own will; obstinate. 2 Persistent 3 Difficult to handle or work with.

If we have come into covenant with Yahweh Almighty we have promised to yield our will to His will realizing He only can safely direct our paths to a successful conclusion.

Question: If we are only servants how can we be held accountable for our actions?

Answer: Even as babes there is that in us which recognizes good and evil, black and white. It is only with age we begin to hide from others what we, in our core of life, know and recognize without being told it is “bad”, a thing to not be shown.

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