For Women Only

Women Only!

I have always, in this walk, acknowledged that I am weak. But I have held up my stubbornness as having been part of what got me to this point. I have NOT been humble, but I have been willing to follow Yahshua - meekness in part. Now Yahweh is asking me and Yahshua is leading me into true meekness – willingly yielding my strength for His purposes.

The yielding has been humbling, but has reached my core. Willing, in every fiber of my being, to set aside what I have seen as strength in me and accepting who Yahweh created me to be. A woman!

Not a person born in a woman's body with the heart of a man. That is not right nor is it righteousness. Yahweh did not mix up my life forces, He got it right - I got it wrong.

I have been a woman who strives to up-set Yahweh's perfect order by insisting on my place as I have seen it.

I was created to strengthen the males in my life where they are weak. The enemy made sure I took that place in the family for my brothers were weak, but we were all stubborn. Taught that stubbornness was a show of strength.

Men can not easily become what Yahweh intends them to be if they are ruled, exclusively, by a woman in their formative years. [Not in marriage] She does not have it in her, so she cannot teach it by example unless she is not true to who Yahweh created her to be. It is a shame to our nation that we have shifted away from Yahweh's teachings on the home and relationships.

We women were created to strengthen the males in our lives where they are weak. That never happens where the woman will not yield her strength and support as a guiding, feeding place for the male to come and be refreshed at the end of the day. It also cannot happen if the male refuses to stand in his proper place according to Torah.

We women who have not received, in our lives, the guidance and protection of men who lived out the principals of life as put forth in Torah, can not know what to expect from the males in our midst. We only catch enough sight of that kind of life to resent its lack in our lives, and to resent and come to sometimes hate them, and their sex, for what was denied us by their lack.

But a word for the men's side: If they have not been taught we need to encourage them to study to show themselves approved of Yahweh.

The time grows shorter and shorter for us to make the choice to truly become meek – completely surrendered to Yahshua's spirit leading and living, not sleeping, in us.

Ladies encourage your men to seek out a Jewish or Messianic Rabbi [one who was taught Torah as a child of Israel], for only a man can teach a male how to become a man of Yahweh.

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