Pithy Sayings

Pithy Sayings


The correction of Yahweh is like slap boxing. It is to teach coordination, not inflict pain.


Just because a thing or action is what the people are used to does not make it right.


Are you riding an ebb tide that pulls you away from Yahweh and His teachings? or a neap tide that will wash you up on His firm shore where you will be able to stand and not sink into the world, even if that world calls itself religion?


“Revenge is only for those still chained.”

From “Finding Noel” by R.P. Evans


We chain ourselves to those we refuse to forgive! We give them the power to continue to hurt us even if they are dead. Forgiveness releases us from their power.


The way to a man's heart may be through his stomach, but the way to a woman's heart is to eat what she cooks with relish and compliments – especially to others.


“The problem with sin is that if you have a conscience, you pay whether your caught or not!”

From “The Forgotten Road” by R. P. Evans


True understanding often opens the way for true forgiveness.


Gratitude and joy are the two sides of the same coin – if you have one you also have the other.


We often think blessings bring joy, but joy is what you feel when you acknowledge your blessings as being blessings.


People with addictive behaviors are people who do not love themselves.


It is not suffering that makes a martyr, but the cause!


Perspective/wisdom = the ability to see into the future at the possible consequences of today's choices.


When I think of the things of the earth made new:

My mouth wants to sing and Praise Yahweh

My feet want to dance.

My arms to reach out in joy for one day I will be home at last, in my saviors presence, in the place of safety and love that my true Father has provided!

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