The Eaton Rapids assembly has in their praise book a song titled 'Reclaimed'. In the song the person comes before Yahweh and Yahshua and recites the sins committed, both by them and to them.



“I have been beaten and broken. Rolled in the dirt and filthy. How can I come to one who is righteous? I who have been guilty, sometimes willingly! How How can I come who are so unworthy?

And I heard a voice calling, come home, come home, there is a place for you at the table.”


The only requirement to enter the family, where we all originated from, is to be willing to come and eat the supper prepared for us. I have my seat reserved because I am willing!


Willing is a adjective so it is a descriptive word.

  1. Done, accepted, or given readily and without hesitation, voluntary.

  2. Disposed to accept or tolerate; ready

  3. Acting or ready to act promptly and gladly: as a willing worker


You have been invited, please come.

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