You may be wondering why anyone asked me to write about my life, it is because I have had several life saving things happen in my life. Since I made you wonder I will give you a two-fer.

I was in my early 20s, married, and working second shift. We lived on a hill, on a dead end street so there was only one way to exit. That exit was on a four lane highway busy with factory traffic.

My husband and I used to be rash! We raced in city traffic. Downtown there was a bridge over a swift river. I dreamed we were circling the block, dash across that four lanes in a left hand turn unto the bridge. I didn't make the turn! My steering wheel would not turn the car. My car crashed though the bridge railing into the river.

That woke me up! I was working second shift so it was mid-morning when I woke up. My husband was home and he was our mechanic. I told him the dream and he laughed. Wow, not good. I asked him to check out the front end and he scoffed at me. I told him I was not getting in that car until I was sure it was safe and I had to leave by 1:00 pm for work.

About eleven he asked when I was getting up and I told him, no car check, no work. He left again, but returned about noon and I was still not getting ready for work and he was getting impatient with me, but I was sticking. No car check, no driving! So he gave in and crawled under the front end to check out things. After a few minutes he yelled at me to get ready there was nothing wrong.

Imagine his surprise when he went to pull himself out from under the car by grabbing on something under there and it came away in his hand!


Several months later-same car-same hill-same husband. Another dream!

I was going down the hill to go to work and when I tried to stop at the foot of the hill I had no brakes.

Remember same husband. Same argument. When he gave in he found a leaking brake line.

I still do not believe all dreams are prophetic but those were and my life was preserved. Why? Because Yahweh decreed it so! But he does have His reasons. Maybe just so you will be encouraged, as others have been with this testimony of His great love for those who serve Him.

But I was not serving Him, did not truly acknowledge Him in my life unless I was in the pits. Still He knew His plan for my life and He reached down and delivered me. Not because I am special but because He knew my heart would turn to Him and be willing to serve Him.

That is my human reasoning. Yahweh's reasons are His and I have come a long way from that day. You will read, if you continue to read, about several such 'happenings' though out these pages.

When you do-do not ask yourself why has she been blessed and I have not! If you look at your life you may not see all the times you have been protected, but if your still alive it by His great mercy.

Yahweh is still directing-protecting- those who will listen. He has never deserted His children. I could tell you of evil, but that will not build your faith. You just need to watch the TV news to know how wicked the world has become.

These writings are to encourage, instruct, and connect those who are willing to those who will become willing.

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