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I was just watching my dog Lilly track a mouse under the snow. Lilly is a Mastiff/Plot hound mix and weighs about 100#. It got me to thinking about how mankind has changed the natural order Yahweh set in place. Lilly lives in the house with me and has a fenced yard about 1000 sq ft to run in. It is backed by a woods. I feed the birds and wild cats [which I trap and have neutered in the spring if they make it through the winter.] so there is lots of food to attract the other wild life. Lilly has become a hunter as the result of opportunity since they seem to come through her yard rather than around it. The cats seem to realize that the porch steps are the safest way to food.

Though the years she has killed opossums, raccoon, and squirrels. It keeps her interested in life for she has her window where she waits for the next one to enter. Normally she ignores the birds but lately she is upset with the pileated woodpeckers. Perhaps because of their size.

It has set me to thinking of how we have changed from a minority living in town and city to the majority living away from nature. We now pit ourselves against electronics instead of nature, except in sports. Yet even the sports arenas are generally build in or on the fringes of cities. We spend most of our lives where the distances we scan are under 100 feet and we lose our perspective for distance.

I think it also causes us to lose our consciousness of Yahweh’s constant presence. When I look out my window I can see His creation everywhere, and my ears and nose are treated to soft sounds and sweet smells. In the city I see only people and their creations, and the clamor both make. I know not all can live in the country, but maybe ever so often take a ride to the end of the bus line, if it goes out side the city or a park, and spend and hour or so just being. Let you spirit reconnect and be refreshed you will find it time well spent.


I have noticed in the fiction I read most of our communication problems stem from the speaker being hesitant to be fully open and not stating things plainly. We need to practice the art of honest communication. Find a friend who is not easily offended and see if you can practice with each other. We should be able to state truth without giving offense. We also need to be sure our skin is not so thin others cannot speak truth to us.

So find your friend and practice on each other. You will either grow closer or you will find that you really do not have the much in common. And isn’t that that reason we guard our communications? The fear of losing or not gaining an others confidence, their acceptance, etc. is it not the reason we are not open?


I am putting together a lesson titled, “Are We Waiting for the Fire to Fall?” and the thought came that I lack and need a physically present husband. Why? To keep me from taking on tasks mankind asks of me when the load is already heavy. He would also help discern falseness in others. In other words to guard my time and environment and be an encourage r. Then I thought of the silly ‘sign’ I had asked for Yahweh to give me if it was Yahweh’s will. Would I really ask that of someone I was to come to love? Yes for I lack confidence in that area and Yahweh could help the man see how frail I sometimes am and he would be willing.


“As long as you live I will live too!” quoted from “A White Bird Flying” by Beth S. Aldrich. These words were spoken by the heroine regarding the memories of her family of origin to a younger person. In one sense this is true of each of us. As long as someone remembers us something of us still exists. It set me to thinking this is true of Yahweh and Yahshua as well. As long as we live in their hearts we will continue to be.



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